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Income Tax Department launched faceless e Assessment scheme

Income Tax department has launched a new faceless e-Assessment scheme by Revenue Secretary Ajay Bhushan Pandey in New Delhi. To implement the scheme, the centre has chosen almost 2,686 officials of the I-T department.

The Aim of the faceless e-assessment scheme:

The main objective of this launched faceless e-scheme is to increase the ease of compliance for taxpayers and to eliminate human interface in the income tax assessment system. Thus this scheme increases the transparency and efficiency, functional specialization, improvement in the quality of assessment.

About the faceless e-assessment scheme:

Through Electronic communication, it aims to provide faceless assessment of income tax returns (ITR).

Under such conditions, the taxpayers will receive their notices or alert messages via registered accounts on the web portal, registered e-mails or through the registered mobile numbers.

Thus, under the scheme, the department has picked up more than 58,000 cases for the faceless e-Assessment scheme.

Income Tax Department launched faceless e Assessment scheme