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Kaelin, Ratcliffe, Semenza won 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine

For the year 2019, the researchers William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe, and Gregg Semenza won the Nobel Prize award for Physiology or Medicine.

The award is to recognize their discoveries that are important for understanding diseases such as cancer. It is also noticeable that this team has won the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award in 2016.


 Discovery of the Researchers:


The researchers described how cells sense and respond to changing oxygen levels by switching genes on and off. By this discovery, it will play a key in understanding the human diseases such as cancer and anaemia.

By this way, it helped the researchers to understand how the body adapts to low oxygen levels by, for instance, cranking out red blood cells (RBCs) and growing new blood vessels.

Awards to awardees:

Cancer researcher William Kaelin – works at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Physician-scientist Peter Ratcliffe- works at the University of Oxford, UK and also in Francis Crick Institute in London

Geneticist Gregg Semenza – works at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland

Kaelin, Ratcliffe, Semenza won 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine